BFS Records

BFS Records is an independent record label based in Oxfordshire, UK. Established in 2012, we work closely with our artists customising contracts to suit their needs. We see ourselves as a stepping stone label providing artists with everything they need to progress to the next level, through support and opportunities.


You might be an artist who would like to introduce yourself and your work here or maybe you are a business with a mission to describe.

BFS Records offer recording opportunities, from solo or full band recording to mixing or project mastering. BFS Records will support you all the way through your project, whether assisting your with physical recording, assistance in production or just general advice and support.

Music distribution to all the major online download and streaming websites. We also offer the opportunity to create physical CD’s and Vinyl Records.

We support our artists by assisting them through live performances including festival opportunities, concerts, tours and showcases at events that will suit your style of music and showcase you in the way you want to be seen.

Promotion, from social media, magazine and news papers to playlisting and merchandise.



Self taught musician Meg Lawrenson describes herself as an “over-sharer”, as she unapologetically advocates honest storytelling in her song writing. “I write about breakdowns, break ups, finding love, finding yourself”. She says “Anything I feel I do, I write about it”.

Meg has the ability to seamlessly combine genres keeping her music new, fresh and full of passion creating her very own unique sound.


Andy Robbins is a singer songwriter from Oxford, England. His sound being described as Americana with folk and blues influences.


Main – info@bfsrecords.co.uk

Demo Submission – ellie@bfsrecords.co.uk