Welcome to BFS Records

We are an independent record label that offers unique and personalised contracts for specially selected artists.

BFS Records:

As an independent record label based in Oxford, UK, we take pride in offering our specially selected artists with unique and personalised contracts that cater to their individual needs.

Representing the Global Music Scene from Our Hometown of Oxford

Though we’re based in Oxford, our reach goes far beyond our city.

A Full-Service Music Label Offering Recording, Distribution, and Promotion

We provide our artists with everything they need to succeed, including recording and distribution services, as well as promotion through live events and other opportunities.

Our Mission:

At BFS Records, our goal is to provide our artists with the tools and support they need to catch the eye of major labels.

An Introduction to BFS Records

Welcome to BFS Records – Our mission is to be a stepping stone label for artists to help them get noticed by major labels. All our record deals are customisable and personal to you. We believe in supporting the artist you are, and helping develop you in a way that suits you.

Experience Our Professional Services

Record, Distribute, Promote, Perform

BFS Records offers a range of services to help our artists achieve success in the music industry.


Experience top-notch recording technology and equipment at our state-of-the-art studio.


Get your music heard by a wider audience with our distribution services, available in various platforms.


Let us help you gain recognition and reach new fans through our targeted and effective promotion strategies.

Live Events

Take your performances to the next level with our live event opportunities, allowing you to showcase your talent to a live audience.

Explore Our Services and Product Features

Find out how we can help you succeed in the music industry.

Recording Studio Time

Distribution Deals

Promotional Support

Live Performance Opportunities

Discover your chance to excel in the music industry with our services, contact us now to get started.


Just some of the people, festivals and companies we like to work with.

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